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Part Three: Finding Your Audience > Back to the Camcorder - Pg. 287

6.Navigatetothefolderwhereyou'llwanttostoretheresultingQuickTimefle. You can just press c-D if you want your QuickTime Movie saved onto the desktop, where it'll be easy to fnd. 7.ClickSave. Now the time-consuming exporting and compression process begins. As you can read in the next section, compression can take a long time to complete--from a minute or two to an hour or more, depending on the settings you selected in step 3, the length of your movie, and the speed of your Mac. Feel free to switch into other programs--check your email or surf the Web, for example--while iMovie crunches away in the background. A progress bar lets you know how much farther iMovie has to go. When the exporting is complete, the progress bar disappears. Switch to the Finder, where you'll fnd a new QuickTime movie icon (see Figure 12-2). Double-click it to see the results. Tip: You can click Stop anytime during the export process, but you'll wind up with no exported movie at all. Saving a QuickTime Movie