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Phase 2: Insert Chapter Markers When you press Return or Enter, iMovie accepts the new chapter name and auto- matically moves to the next chapter. When you're at the last chapter of your project, iMovie cycles back to the frst one. As a result, you can edit a bunch of chapter names in sequence with a minimum of mouse clicks. To fnish editing chapter names, click the mouse outside the iDVD palette. Chapter Marker Pointers Here are a few key points to keep in mind about chapters: ·ChaptermarkersappearintheTimelineViewer.They appear as small, yellow diamond shapes. (Chapter markers don't appear in the Clip Viewer.) ·Youcan'tmoveachaptermarker. If you've used the wrong start frame when creat- ing your chapter, you have no choice but to delete the chapter marker and create a new one with the correct starting point. ·Youcan'tdragchaptermarkersintheiDVDpalettes. Chapter order depends on the associated starting times, which appear chronologically in the palette. ·Whenyoumove(anderase)clips,chaptermarkersgoalongfortheride. iMovie associates chapters with individual clips. Therefore, if you reorder your clips, the