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2.IntheiMoviemonitor,dragthePlayheadalongthescrubberbartolocatethe positionforyournewchapter. You may want to choose EditSelect None (Shift-c-A) frst, which ensures that no individual clip is selected. Now you can move the Playhead anywhere in your movie. Tip: Use the arrow keys for precise Playhead positioning, or press Shift-arrow to jump 10 frames at a time. Phase 2: Insert Chapter Markers 3.ClickAddChapter. You'll fnd this button near the bottom of the iDVD palette. iMovie adds the chapter to your list, as shown in Figure 15-5. Tip: You can also use the keystroke Shift-c-M at this point, or even choose MarkersAdd Chapter Marker. 4.TypeachaptertitleintotheChapterTitlebox. Whatever you type here will wind up as the chapter name in the fnished DVD menu. Select a short but meaningful name. (You don't have to delete the proposed name frst; just type right over it.) 5.Repeatsteps2­4. Repeat until you've added all the chapters for your movie. 6.Saveyourproject. Choose FileSave to save your iMovie project, including the chapter marks you just defned. Removing Chapters Suppose you change your mind about where a chapter should begin. Or, you may have added too many chapters to suit your taste, or even put a marker in the wrong place. In any case, you remove a marker by using one of these techniques: · Click its name in iMovie's iDVD palette and then click the Remove Chapter but- ton. · Click the diamond-shaped marker in the Movie Track and then choose Markers Delete Chapter Marker (Option-c-M). Tip: You can also select a bunch of chapters in the iDVD panel at once, using the usual list-keyboard shortcuts--c-click individual markers to select them, or select a consecutive batch by clicking the frst and Shift-clicking the last. Now clicking Remove Chapter nukes all of them at once. Changing Chapter Names To change the name of any chapter that appears in the iDVD Chapter Markers list, just double-click it to open the editing box, and then edit away. chapter15:fromimovietoidvd 359