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2.IntheiMoviemonitor,dragthePlayheadalongthescrubberbartolocatethe positionforyournewchapter. You may want to choose EditSelect None (Shift-c-A) frst, which ensures that no individual clip is selected. Now you can move the Playhead anywhere in your movie. Tip: Use the arrow keys for precise Playhead positioning, or press Shift-arrow to jump 10 frames at a time. Phase 2: Insert Chapter Markers 3.ClickAddChapter. You'll fnd this button near the bottom of the iDVD palette. iMovie adds the chapter to your list, as shown in Figure 15-5. Tip: You can also use the keystroke Shift-c-M at this point, or even choose MarkersAdd Chapter Marker. 4.TypeachaptertitleintotheChapterTitlebox. Whatever you type here will wind up as the chapter name in the fnished DVD menu. Select a short but meaningful name. (You don't have to delete the proposed name frst; just type right over it.)