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Phase 2: Insert Chapter Markers > Phase 2: Insert Chapter Markers - Pg. 358

Phase 2: Insert Chapter Markers DVD chapters let viewers skip to predefned starting points within a movie, or pick up where they last left off watching, by either using the scene menu or pressing the Next Chapter or Previous Chapter buttons on the remote control. Thanks to the partnership of iMovie and iDVD, you can add markers to your own movies that perfectly replicate this feature. iMovie HD offers two ways to go about adding chapter markers. The easiest way is to press Shift-c-M at each spot where you want a chapter marker, even while the movie is playing. (That's the shortcut for the MarkersAdd Chapter Marker command.) Although that's quick and easy, you still have to open up the iDVD chapter-marker palette to name the markers (Figure 15-5). Figure 15-5: The iDVD palette lets you add, remove, and name chap- ters--and then publish your iMovies to iDVD. New iMovie chapters are numbered sequentially, as they appear in your movie from left to right. Chapter references appear in your timeline as small yellow diamonds, just above the video track. Amazingly, iMovie can add up to 99 chapters per movie with the iDVD palette.