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The Action-Safe Area > The Action-Safe Area - Pg. 356

Phase 1: Prepare Your Video Imagine, for example, a science-fction video. A mysterious enemy teleports your hero and his sidekick to a moon of Jupiter. The sidekick throws something to the hero--something that can save the day. In Figure 15-3 at top, for example, what's in the hero's hand may be obvious to you, but most TV viewers would have a hard time guessing what it is because it's outside of the action-safe zone. In Figure 15-3 at bottom, the sidekick's hand and the phone he throws appear completely within the action-safe zone. Even if the TV winds up chopping off the TItle-safe boundary Action-safe boundary Figure 15-3: Top: Avoid placing key visual ac- tion outside the action-safe zone of your video. Objects that appear outside the title-safe area may be cropped; objects outside the action-safe region almost certainly will be cropped by North American picture-tube TV sets. Bottom: Although you should keep all key visual elements within the title-safe zone, you may allow non- vital portions of those elements