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Getting iDVD 5 > Getting iDVD 5 - Pg. 352

Why iDVD? ·DVDblanksareinexpensive.In fact, blank DVDs nowadays are cheaper than VHS tapes. ·DVDsaredurable.VHS tapes begin to deteriorate in 10 to 15 years. DVDs, though, are built to last--up to a century or more, if you believe the manufacturers. Store your recordable DVDs in a dark, cool, dry place, avoid fexing them, and they'll last a lifetime. (Your DVD player will stop working before the discs do!) Tip: They'll last, that is, if you stick to buying brand-name blanks like Verbatim and Imation. Cheaper brands don't use the same amount of organic dyes and are more likely to suffer premature deaths. ·DVDsarecompact.You can store your DVD collection in small, convenient DVD jewel boxes or in soft, protective loose-leaf sheaths--and you can cram hundreds of them into the space occupied by only 25 video tapes. ·DVDsneverneedrewinding.No one ever had to pay Blockbuster for not rewind- ing a DVD. In fact, you can skip around a DVD almost instantaneously using the navigation buttons on your DVD player's remote control. ·DVDsarecheaptoship.DVDs cost less to ship than a VHS tape, and no wonder. They take up less room. They weigh less. They're more rigid and have zero moving parts.