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Advanced QuickTime Pro move it around, dragfromtheredcenterdotto rotate it, or dragoneofthered edgecirclesto slant the picture, distorting it. Unfortunately, there's no key you can press to make the inset maintain its original proportions as you drag. You'll have to drag a corner freehand, watching the Size palette's pixel readout until the inset is a perfect fraction of its original size. 8.Whentheinsetlooksthewayyoulikeit,clickDoneinthePropertiespalette. ExportyourclipbacktoiMovieasdescribedonpage344. The Video Wall QuickTime Player isn't fussy. It's perfectly happy to accept two, three, four, or more videos, all pasted into the same clip. You can move, scale, and shrink them indepen- dently, creating a video-wall effect like the one shown in Figure 14-7. To create this effect, just repeat the preceding steps, over and over again. The trick, of course, is keeping track of which videos are on top, so that you can control the overlapping. Actually, it's not terribly diffcult if you have good concentration and an assistant with a notebook; see Figure 14-7.