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Advanced QuickTime Pro 3.From the frst pop-up menu, chooseVideo Track. From the second, choose Size. You can do a lot more than just resize the frame for this video track: 4.ClicktheFlipVerticalbutton(thesecondbuttonintherowoffourthatarevisible inFigure14-6). As you watch, your entire video picture fips upside-down--or, in this example, right-side up. The other buttons here would fip the entire picture horizontally or rotate it 90 degrees. 5.SendtheeditedmoviebacktoiMovieasdescribedonpage344. Track pop-up menu Flip/Rotate buttons Figure 14-6: QuickTime Player can create very fancy picture-in-picture effects. After copying foot- age from a second movie (upper left), paste it over the frst movie (bottom), and then use the Properties dialog box (top right) to