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·Enable Tracks. This fascinating command highlights an intriguing feature of QuickTime Player Pro--its ability to embed more than one audio or video track into a single movie. If you really wanted to, you could create a movie with six dif- ferent soundtracks, all playing simultaneously. The trick to inserting a new audio track is to press Option as you open the Edit menu. When you do so, the Paste command magically turns into the Add command. Choosing it inserts the new audio track into the selected portion of the movie. When you choose EditEnable Tracks, you'll see a list of all of the movie's tracks. Tip: Suppose you've created two different versions of a movie--one with throbbing, insistent background music, and one with New Age noodling. By choosing EditEnable Tracks and then clicking the On/Off but- tons beside the track names (Figure 14-5), you can quickly and easily try watching your movie frst with one soundtrack, and then with the other. Advanced QuickTime Pro Figure 14-5: Here are the Extract Tracks and Enable Tracks dialog boxes. If you pasted some text into one of your QuickTime movies, you'd also see a Text Track listed in these