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Advanced QuickTime Pro: Track Tricks > Advanced QuickTime Pro: Track Tricks - Pg. 344

QuickTime Player Pro You can drag the clip from either the Movie Track or the Clips pane, and you can also drag it into the QuickTime Player window, if it's visible. Either way, the movie clip opens before you. Edit it as described in this chapter. (The following pages walk you through some rather spectacular special-effect edits.) When you're fnished, go on: 3.ChooseFileExport.Inthe"Saveexportedfleas"dialogbox,usetheExport pop-upmenutochoose"MovietoDVStream." Technically, iMovie can import any kind of QuickTime movie. But you've just created a real, live DV clip, in its original quality, exactly the kind iMovie works with. 4.Savethefletothedesktop. You're not allowed to save the fle over the original iMovie clip, since QuickTime Player considers it still "in use." (That's a good thing, too. Imagine shortening a clip by a few seconds behind iMovie's back--and then reopening the project! Chaos would reign.) 5.SwitchbacktoiMovie.ChooseFileImport,thennavigatetothedesktopand opentheeditedmovie.