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QuickTime Player Pro selection triangles (and their accompanying gray scroll bar section) show you where the new footage has appeared. (That makes it easy for you to promptly choose Edit Cut, for example, if you change your mind.) By pressing secret keys, moreover, you gain three clever variations of the Paste com- mand. They work like this: · If you highlight some footage before pasting, and then press Shift, you'll fnd that the EditPaste command has changed to become EditReplace. Whatever foot- age is on your Clipboard now replaces the selected stretch of movie. · If you press Option, the EditClear command changes to read Trim. It's like the Crop command in iMovie, in that it eliminates the outer parts of the movie--the pieces that aren't selected. All that remains is the part you frst selected. · If you highlight some footage, and then press Option, the EditPaste command changes to read Add. This command adds whatever's on the Clipboard so that it plays simultaneously with the selected footage--a feature that's especially useful when you're adding a different kind of material to the movie (see Figure 14-4). · If you highlight some footage and then choose EditAdd Scaled, whatever you're pasting gets stretched or compressed in time so that it fts the highlighted region,