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Selecting footage Before you can cut, copy, or paste footage, QuickTime Player needs to provide a way for you to specify what footage you want to manipulate. Its solution: the two tiny gray triangles beneath the horizontal scroll bar, visible in Figure 14-4. These are the "in" and "out" points, exactly like the crop handles in iMovie. By dragging these triangles, you're supposed to enclose the scene you want to cut or copy. Tip: You can gain more precise control over the selection procedure shown in Figure 14-4 by clicking one of the triangles and then pressing the right or left arrow key, exactly as when using the Scrubber bar under iMovie's Monitor window. Doing so expands or contracts the selected chunk of footage by one frame at a time. You may also prefer to select a piece of footage by Shift-clicking the Play button. As long as you hold down the Shift key, you continue to select footage. When you release the Shift key, you stop the playback, and the selected passage appears in gray on the scroll bar. QuickTime Player Pro Once you've highlighted a passage of footage, you can proceed as follows: · Jump to the beginning or end of the selected footage by pressing Option-right or -left arrow key. (This doesn't work if one of the handles is highlighted.) · Deselect the footage by dragging the two triangles together again.