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Fancy playback tricks Nobody knows for sure what Apple was thinking when it created some of these ad- ditional features--exactly how often do you want your movie to play backward?--but here they are. Some of these features are available only in the unlocked Pro version of QuickTime Player, as indicated below. ·Changethescreensize. Using the Movie menu commands, such as Double Size and Fill Screen, you can enlarge or reduce the actual "movie screen" window. Making the window larger also makes the movie coarser, because QuickTime Player simply doubles the size of every dot that was present in the original. Still, when you want to show a movie to a group of people more than a few feet away from the screen, these larger sizes are perfectly effective. ·Playmorethanonemovie. You can open several movies at once and then run them simultaneously. (Of course, the more movies you try to play at once, the jerkier the playback gets.) As a sanity preserver, QuickTime Player plays only one soundtrack--that of the movie you most currently clicked. If you really want to hear the cacophony of all the soundtracks being played simultaneously, choose QuickTime Player Preferences, and turn off "Play sound in frontmost player only." (The related check- box here, "Play sound when application is in background," controls what happens when you switch out of QuickTime Player and into another program.) Tip: If you have Player Pro, you can use the MoviePlay All Movies command to begin playback of all open movies at the same instant. It's a handy way to compare the quality of two or more copies of the same exported movie, each prepared with a different codec. QuickTime Player (Free Version) ·Play the movie backward. You can play the movie backward--but not always smoothly--by pressing c-left arrow, or by Shift-double-clicking the movie itself. (You must keep the Shift button pressed to make the backward playback continue.) There's no better way to listen for secret subliminal messages. ·Loopthemovie.When you choose MovieLoop and then click Play, the movie plays endlessly from beginning to end, repeating until you make it stop. (Loop Back and Forth makes it loop backward again, from end to beginning.) ·Playaselection(Proonly). MoviePlay Selection Only, of course, plays only what you've highlighted on the scrubber bar. ·Playeveryframe(Proonly).If you try to play a very large movie that incorporates a high frame rate (many frames per second) on a slow Mac, QuickTime Player skips individual frames of the movie. In other words, it sacrifces smooth motion in order to maintain synchronization with the soundtrack. But if you choose MoviePlay All Frames and then play the movie, QuickTime Player says, "OK, forget the soundtrack--I'll show you every single frame of the movie, even if it isn't at full speed." You get no sound at all, but you do get to see each frame of the movie. chapter14:quicktimeplayer 339