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QuickTime Player (Free Version) Tip: To mute the sound, click the little speaker icon, or press Option-down arrow. Press Option-up arrow to make the volume slider jump to full-blast position. ·Counter. In hours:minutes:seconds format, this display shows how far your di- amond cursor has moved into the movie. If you have QuickTime Pro, the counter reveals the position of the selection handle you've most recently clicked (if any). ·Rewind,FastForward. By clicking one of these buttons and keeping the mouse button pressed, you get to speed through your movie backward or forward, com- plete with sound. This is a terrifc way to navigate your movie quickly, regardless of whether you're using QuickTime Player or QuickTime Player Pro. ·JumptoStart,JumptoEnd.These buttons do exactly what they say: scroll to the beginning or end of your movie.In the Pro version, they can also jump to the beginning and ending of the selected portion of the movie (if any). All of this, in other words, is exactly the same as pressing the Option-left arrow or -right arrow keys. Tip: Try minimizing a QuickTime Player window while a movie is playing. It shrinks to the Dock--and keeps