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QuickTime Player (Free Version) ·Audio level meters. This tiny graph dances to indicate the relative strength of various frequencies in the soundtrack, like the VU meters on a stereo. If you don't see any dancing going on, then you've opened a movie that doesn't have a soundtrack. ·Qbutton. Click this peculiar, spherical button to summon QuickTime TV--the icons of Web sites that provide video feeds, as described below. ·Resizehandle. Drag diagonally to make the window bigger or smaller. Tip: When you drag the resize handle, QuickTime Player strives to maintain the same aspect ratio (relative dimensions) of the original movie, so that you don't accidentally squish it. If you want to squish it, however (perhaps for the special effect of seeing your loved ones as they would look with different sets of horizontal and vertical genes), press Shift as you drag. If you press Option while dragging, meanwhile, you'll discover that the movie frame grows or shrinks in sudden jumping factors of two--twice as big, four times as big, and so on. On slower Macs, keeping a movie at an even multiple of its original size ensures smoother playback. ·Scrollbar. Drag the diamond (or, in the Pro version, the black triangle) to jump to a different spot in the movie.