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Already you can get Bluetooth--either built-in or as a plug-in USB device--for computers, printers, cellphones, cellphone headsets, Palm and PocketPC organiz- ers, Sony camcorders, and so on. Apple's wireless keyboard and mouse both rely on Bluetooth. All iMovie cares about, though, is whether or not your Mac has Bluetooth--many models do, including all PowerBooks--and whether your cellphone does. (Techni- cally, iMovie can send movies to more than just phones and Macs; it can send to palmtops, too. At the moment, though, there aren't any 3GPP palmtops.) · 3GPP is a video standard for cellphones. (It stands for Third Generation Partner- ship Program, since you asked.) If your Bluetooth phone is fairly recent, it may be 3GPP-compliant, but check with your cell company. The phone has to have a movie-playing program on board, too; all 3GPP video- phones do. If you're suitably equipped, here's how the transfer goes: 1.Whenyourmovieisfullyedited,saveit.ChooseFileShare. The Share sheet appears, as shown at top in Figure 13-7. 2.ClicktheBluetoothicononthetoolbar. Movies on Your Phone