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Already you can get Bluetooth--either built-in or as a plug-in USB device--for computers, printers, cellphones, cellphone headsets, Palm and PocketPC organiz- ers, Sony camcorders, and so on. Apple's wireless keyboard and mouse both rely on Bluetooth. All iMovie cares about, though, is whether or not your Mac has Bluetooth--many models do, including all PowerBooks--and whether your cellphone does. (Techni- cally, iMovie can send movies to more than just phones and Macs; it can send to palmtops, too. At the moment, though, there aren't any 3GPP palmtops.) · 3GPP is a video standard for cellphones. (It stands for Third Generation Partner- ship Program, since you asked.) If your Bluetooth phone is fairly recent, it may be 3GPP-compliant, but check with your cell company. The phone has to have a movie-playing program on board, too; all 3GPP video- phones do. If you're suitably equipped, here's how the transfer goes: 1.Whenyourmovieisfullyedited,saveit.ChooseFileShare. The Share sheet appears, as shown at top in Figure 13-7. 2.ClicktheBluetoothicononthetoolbar. As usual when you export a movie, you can turn on "Share selected clips only" if you want to send only a piece of your movie (and you highlighted the appropriate clips before choosing FileShare). 3.ClickShare. iMovie takes quite awhile to compress your movie. Of course, ordinarily iMovie strives to maintain the best quality possible, with high resolution, full TV-screen size, CD-quality stereo sound, and so on. But for a phone, you want super-com- pressed, ultra-tiny, monophonic movies, and converting from the high-res format to the low-res one takes some time. When the compression is complete, the Select Bluetooth Device dialog box ap- pears (Figure 3-7, bottom). Make sure your phone is turned on. Make sure, too, that in its Bluetooth settings, Bluetooth is turned on and discoverable, meaning that your Mac can "see" it. 4.ClickSearch. After a moment, your phone's name appears in the list. 5.Clickthephone'sname,andthenclickSelect. That's all there is to it. On the phone's screen, you'll probably see a message to the effect that it's receiving a fle. After a while, the movie's transmission will be complete. Open the phone's media-playing program and play away. Movies on Your Phone chapter13:moviesontheweb--andonthephone 333