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Movies on the Web--and On the Phone > Movies on the Web--and On the Phone - Pg. 331

<TARGET="myself "> specifes that the new movie should load directly in place of the poster movie. Because the poster frame and the movie have the same <height> and <width> attributes, the movie will seamlessly appear where the poster frame used to be. Tip: As with any graphic on any Web page, you or your Web design software should remember to upload the newly created poster-frame graphic. You can use Captain FTP for this purpose, for example. Posting a Movie on Your Own Web Site Optimizing Online Movies This chapter covers the fundamentals of putting your iMovie on the Web, but there's a lot more to online video. The next step is tweaking the movie fles themselves to optimize them for online viewing. When you put your movie on the Web, millions of people can see it, which is won- derful. Unfortunately, some of those people connect to the Internet using dial-up modems, some use high-speed broadband connections like cable modems and DSL, while the luckiest connect through such ultrafast pipes as T1 lines. If you had the time, hard drive space, and inclination, you could actually create different versions of your movie, one for each of these connection speeds. For instance, a cable modem