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Posting a Movie on Your Own Web Site In other words, you want your poster frame to be exactly the same size as the movie itself. 7.ClickOK.ClickSettings. Now the Compression Settings dialog box appears. 8.Fromthetoppop-upmenu,choosePhoto-JPEG.Specifyoneframepersecond; clickOK. In essence, you're creating a movie that's only one frame long. By specifying JPEG compression, you've ensured that this single frame will be as small (data-wise) as possible, for faster downloading. 9.ClickOKagain.Namethemovie,andthenclickSave. You might name the picture, for example. So far, so good--you've got a poster movie frame on your hard drive. Now you need to embed this new poster movie into your Web page. The process resembles the one where you embedded the movie into the Web page, but this time, you'll need a couple of additional commands: <EMBED SRC="" WIDTH=240 HEIGHT=180 AUTOPLAY=TRUE