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Posting a Movie on Your Own Web Site Here's what each line means: · <OBJECTCLASSID=... The OBJECT element is a giant wrapper (you'll notice that the code blob ends with another OBJECT statement) that's designed to handle the broken Windows plug-in situation described above. Don't change this long, ugly string of numbers. · CODEBASE=.This line tells Windows browsers where to go to download the latest QuickTime software for Internet Explorer (called an ActiveX control) automati- cally, without making Internet Explorer quit and restart. · PARAMname=.The next three lines tell the browser how to play the movie us- ing ActiveX controls instead of the QuickTime plug-in, just in case the plug-in is absent or doesn't work for that browser. ·<EMBEDSRC="">. This command instructs the browser to play the QuickTime fle you've uploaded to your Web site, called, in this example, Upon reading this instruction, the visitor's browser will check its preferences fle to see how she's confgured it (using the EditPreferences com- mand) to handle this particular media type. If the QuickTime plug-in is installed, the browser will use it to play your movie. If not, the browser will check to see which helper application (if any) she's specifed to display .mov fles, and then