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Embedding the Movie in Your Web Page In the previous section, you read about how to create a link that makes your movie pop up in a separate window. But the really smooth operators on the Internet scoff at such an amateur hack. It's far more elegant to create a movie that plays in place, directly on your Web page--no pop-up window necessary. Doing so requires yet further immersion in the HTML programming language--but only up to your ankles. If you're not afraid, proceed: The <embed> command Creating this effect requires a few more lines of HTML code. One of them is the <embed> tag, which instructs your visitor's Web browser on how to handle media types it doesn't ordinarily know how to display (in this case, a QuickTime fle). It can learn to understand QuickTime movies, however, either by relying on a helper application or a plug-in. Following the <embed> tag, you'll want to type in a variety of <embed> tag attributes, additional HTML commands that give the browser further instructions on formatting and displaying the fle. And that used to be all there was to it. A couple of years ago, though, Microsoft pulled a switcheroo in the way it wrote its Posting a Movie on Your Own Web Site