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Posting a Movie on Your Own Web Site Creating alternate versions If your Web hosting service makes enough hard drive space available, consider cre- ating an alternate version of your movie for viewers who don't have the QuickTime plug-in. For example, the Windows equivalent of QuickTime is called the AVI format. Using QuickTime Player Pro, described in the next chapter, you can convert your movie into an AVI fle, which you can post on your Web page exactly the same way you posted the QuickTime movie. Then you can put two different links on your Web page: "Click here for the QuickTime version (Mac users)," and "Click here for the AVI version (Windows users)." Of course, your Windows visitors won't enjoy the quicker gratifcation of the Fast Start feature provided by QuickTime. But you'll save them the trouble of having to download and install a special plug-in. (Creating a very tiny movie--no larger than 160 x 120 pixels, for example--is especially important when saving in AVI format. Thanks to the lack of the Fast Start feature, Windows users who don't use the QuickTime plug-in must wait for the entire movie to download before they can begin watching it.) The HTML code If you'd like to make the presentation of your movie a little bit more elegant, you