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Posting a Movie on Your Own Web Site Setting up streaming playback QuickTime provides a feature called Fast Start, which means that when a Web page visitor clicks your movie, he can begin to watch it before it's downloaded in its entirety. His copy of QuickTime estimates when enough movie data has been downloaded so that the whole movie can play without having to pause for additional data. The effect is a lot like the streaming video feature described earlier, except that there's a considerable pause as the frst portion of the movie is downloaded. (On the other hand, you save thousands of dollars on the cost of specialized hardware and software that's required for a true streaming-video system.) To take advantage of this feature, use the Expert Settings dialog box when you're creat- ing your QuickTime movie from the iMovie project. As shown in Figure 12-5 (in the previous chapter), iMovie offers a checkbox called "Prepare for Internet Streaming." If you turn on this checkbox and choose Fast Start from the pop-up menu, iMovie automatically encodes some extra instructions into the resulting QuickTime fle that permit your movie to do this "fast starting" when played back from your Web page. Playing your movie Once you've uploaded your iMovie, you--and everyone else on the Internet--can watch it just by typing in the correct address. If your Web site's usual address is www.