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2.TypeanameforyourmovieandthenclickShare. iMovie springs into action, compressing your movie to Web proportions and up- loading it to the .Mac Web site. (This is not, ahem, a particularly quick process.) When the uploading is complete, your Web browser opens automatically and takes you to the .Mac sign-in page. 3.Typeyournameandpassword.(Capitalizationcounts.)ClickEnter. The HomePage screen appears (Figure 13-2). A miniature version of the movie ap- pears at center, and begins playing automatically for your approval and enjoyment. Farther down the page, you're offered about a dozen standard iMovie Web-page templates, such as Invite, Baby, and so on. 4.Clickthe"theater"styleyouprefer. Next you arrive at the "Edit your page" page (Figure 13-3, top). 5.Fillinthemovietitle,descriptionunderneaththemovie,andsoon. If you'd like to omit one of the proposed pieces of information (if you don't have any particular directorial notes, for example), edit it anyway, if only to delete the dummy text that appears there (see Figure 13-3). Figure 13-2: The "Publish your iMovie" page is a summary of the three page- preparation steps you're about to take. At this point, the most urgent task is step 3, choosing a "frame" for the movie as it will appear on the fnished Web page. Remember that your movie will occupy only a small rectangle in the center of your visitors' screens; the rest is graphic fuff to fll up the window. Posting to Your .Mac Account chapter13:moviesontheweb--andonthephone 317