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Burning QuickTime Movie CDs pixels. (Some Video CD software can create Super Video CDs, which hold 30 minutes at higher quality.) That's not nearly as good as the original DV video. But not everyone's Mac can burn DVDs--and all you need to burn a Video CD is a CD burner. Because Video CDs are so cheap to produce, they have a small cult following in North America--and a huge following in Asia. Where you can play your Video CDs Commercial Video CDs play back in most recent DVD players and some laserdisc players. (As a bonus, they also play back on any modern computer, including the Mac.) Unfortunately, only certain DVD players--those with a dual-wavelength laser--can play back Video CDs that you've created. Most recent DVD players work well with homemade Video CDs, but many older models don't recognize them. You can, and should, check the compatibility list at But there's no sure way to know in advance whether a particular DVD player will Figure 12-10: Top: If you own Toast, creating a