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Burning a CD or DVD for File Storage > Burning a CD or DVD for File Storage - Pg. 310

Burning QuickTime Movie CDs Burning a CD or DVD for File Storage Having exported a QuickTime movie as described in this chapter, it may be that you simply want to store it where it isn't eating up the space on your hard drive. Or maybe you want to distribute a few of these movies to friends, but because QuickTime movies are much too big to ft on foppies or Zip disks, a CD-ROM seems like a convenient and inexpensive way to go. Figure 12-9: Top: Choose Open Finder. Then click OK. Drag your QuickTime movies onto the CD icon on your desktop. Middle: Drag the "loaded" CD or DVD onto the Burn icon on the Dock. Or, as shown here, Control-click its icon and choose Burn Disc. Bottom: Confrm your choice in this box.