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The Video Codecs: A Catalog Note: The list of codecs that pop up in your dialog boxes may not match what you see here. Your codecs refect the version of QuickTime that you have installed, which may be older or newer than the 6.5.2 version described here. ·Animation. This codec is signifcant because, at its Best quality setting, it maintains all of the original DV picture quality, while still managing to convert fles so that they're smaller than fles with no compression at all. (As the name implies, this codec was originally designed to process video composed of large blocks of solid colors--that is, cartoons.) The resulting fle is therefore huge when compared with the other codecs described here, but not as huge as it would be if you used the None choice in this pop-up menu. As a result, the Animation codec is a popular format for storing or transferring QuickTime footage from one piece of video-editing software to another. Because the fles are so huge, however, it's not so great as a fnished movie fle format. ·Apple H.263,AppleVC H.263, H.261. These codecs were designed for video teleconferencing (VC), in which a tiny, jerky image of you is transmitted over a telephone line to somebody who's also equipped with a video telephone. Apple's version, however, does a very good job at maintaining a good picture, while keeping the fle size very small. In fact, Apple H.263 should be one of your frst choices if