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The Video Codecs: A Catalog > The Video Codecs: A Catalog - Pg. 305

examples of the kind of fle-size increase you can expect for each of several popular rate and size settings. (Note that the information here is per channel. If you're going for stereo, double the kilobyte ratings shown here.) ·11kHz,8bits. Sounds like you're hearing the audio track over a bad telephone connection. Tinny. Use it only for speech. 662 K per minute. ·11kHz,16bits. Sounds a lot better. Roughly the sound quality you get from the built-in Mac speaker. 1.3 MB per minute. ·22kHz,16bits. Starting to sound very good. Suitable for playing on a computer equipped with external speakers. 2.6 MB per minute. ·44.1kHz,16bits. This is the real thing, the ultimate audio experience. CD-qual- ity audio. Suitable for listening to with headphones. The ultimate storage and transmission headache, too--this much data requires 5.3 MB per minute, mono. But of course, you'd never go this far without also including the stereo experience (make that 10.6 MB per minute in stereo). Use: Mono/Stereo These radio buttons let you specify whether or not your movie's soundtrack is in ste- reo. The Expert Settings