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The Expert Settings It's great for movies that will be played from a hard drive or CD-ROM. Be aware, however, that the resulting disk-space savings aren't very great. For example, the compression isn't good enough for QuickTime movies that will be played over the Internet. ·MACE3:1,MACE6.1. These options are included for people who want to swap sound fles with very old Macs. They feature high compression, but very low qual- ity. Playback works only on Macs. ·MPEG-4Audio. If you choose this audio codec, you'll save your soundtrack in AAC format--the same one used for songs you buy from the iTunes music store. The sound quality is superb, although it depends on the settings you make when you click Options. (Choose, for example, 128 kbits/second from the Bit Rate pop- up menu to match the quality of iTunes songs.) The fle size, meanwhile, is only a fraction of the original. It's a welcome and useful choice for movies not intended to be played over the Internet. ·QDesignMusic2. An engineering breakthrough, this is the sound codec to use for online or emailed movies. It maintains terrifc audio quality, but compresses the sound a great deal, producing fles small enough to deliver over the Internet. Apple's favorite example: One minute of music from an audio CD requires 11 MB