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The Expert Settings As you work, remember that whatever flter you apply here applies to the entire movie you're about to export. You might be inclined to pooh-pooh this whole feature, in that case. Really, when would you ever want to apply the same degree of blur to an entire movie? But with a little forethought, you can still apply an effect to just one clip (or one section of your movie, using the invisible-title trick described on page 195). The trick is to create a new iMovie project containing only that clip. Export it using the DV/DVCPRO-NTSC or DV-PAL compressor (page 307) to make sure that you retain all your digital-video size and quality--and apply the flter you want in the process. When it's all over, you can reimport your exported, processed clip into the original iMovie fle. Caution: iMovie preserves your Expert settings from export to export, even if weeks or months elapse in between. That's an especially treacherous feature when it comes to these flters; you may sit through a 45- minute export the next time, only to fnd that the resulting movie is all Embossed and color-shifted because those are the settings you used last time. The only way to escape this nightmare is to reopen the Filter dialog box and choose None. The Size Button And now, back to your tour of the dialog box shown in Figure 12-5.