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Options When you choose the names of certain codecs from the Compressor pop-up menu-- Motion JPEG, Photo-JPEG, PNG, Sorenson Video, or TIFF, to be precise--an Options button magically appears in the dialog box shown in Figure 12-6, top. In general, you can ignore this button and the extremely technical dialog box that appears when you click it. The "options" for the Sorenson codec aren't options at all--only a summary of your settings. And the options that appear for the other codecs offer only one useful option--"Optimize for Streaming." You'd use this checkbox if you intended to prepare your movie for streaming Internet video, as described in the next chapter. Trouble is, you'd be foolish to use the JPEG, PNG, or TIFF codecs for this purpose to begin with. Codecs like Sorenson, H.263, and H.264 offer far better quality, smaller size, and better compatibility. The Expert Settings The Filter Button Chapter 6 details a number of special effects you can apply to clips in iMovie. But unbeknownst to nine out of ten iMovie fans, you can apply a second suite of special effects to your movie on its way out of iMovie. Simply click the Filter button (Figure 12-5) as you export a QuickTime movie. The dialog box shown in Figure 12-7 appears. By opening the various fippy triangles, you'll fnd a lot of effects you've seen before in iMovie (color balance, brightness and contrast, lens fare, fake old-flm grain)--and a few you haven't (blur or sharpen, emboss, edge detection). Figure 12-7: The Filter dialog box offers special effects that let you adjust the color, brightness, or contrast of the footage; sharpen or blur it; add a phony "lens fare"; or even add fake "flm noise" like scratches and dust. Using the Load and Save buttons, you can even save an effects con- fguration you've created onto your hard drive, so that you'll be able to apply exactly the same settings to another clip at another time. (Unfortunately, you can apply only one effect at a time.) The list of effects appears in the scrolling list at top left; a preview of the result appears in lower left. Use the controls on the right side of the dialog box to affect the intensity and other settings of the effect. chapter12:fromimovietoquicktime 301