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The Settings Button > The Settings Button - Pg. 300

The Expert Settings ·30.Don't fall for it--this choice is for suckers. NTSC (North American) digital video itself is 29.97 frames per second, so asking it to save a QuickTime movie with an even higher rate is like thinking you'll be wealthier if you exchange your dollar bills for quarters. If you do try choosing 30 from this pop-up menu, when you click OK, you'll be scolded, told you're out of line, and then returned to the dialog box to make another choice. As described under "Quality slider" in the previous section, you don't have to export your movie in its entirety, just to see the effects of different frame-rate settings. Create a dummy project that contains only a few seconds of your movie, and try exporting it at each frame rate. Then play back the short QuickTime movies. You'll get a self- instruction course in the effects of different frames-per-second settings. Key frame every __ frames You can read about key frames earlier this chapter--they're the full frames that get "memorized" in your QuickTime movie, so that the QuickTime fle can store less data for subsequent frames (see Figure 12-4). Additional key frames make your QuickTime fle bigger, so you have an incentive to make them appear infrequently (that is, to type in a higher number in this box). But