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The Expert Settings Compressor pop-up menu The unlabeled pop-up menu at the top lets you choose one of 27 codecs--or None, which means that iMovie won't compress your project at all. Each codec is useful in a different situation; each compresses your footage using a different scheme that entails different compromises. You can read "The Video Codecs: A Catalog" on page 305 to learn about the codecs listed in this pop-up menu. For now, it's enough to note that for live video that will be played on modern computers, the Sorenson Video 3 codec almost always produces the highest quality at reasonably small fle sizes. Quality slider This slider offers another tradeoff between the size of the resulting QuickTime fle and the quality of its picture. In general, the proposed value (usually Medium or High) offers the best balance between fle size and picture quality. But on important projects, by all means experiment. Export a representative sample of your movie several times, moving the slider each time, so that you can compare the results. Frames per second The number you specify here makes an enormous difference in the smoothness of the QuickTime movie's playback. As always, however, it's a tradeoff--the higher the number, the larger the QuickTime fle, and the more diffcult it is to email, store, or