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The Expert Settings > The Expert Settings - Pg. 296

The Expert Settings · A soundtrack. Here's a great opportunity to convert the audio tracks of your movie into standalone sound fles. (Choose SoundtoAIFF,SoundtoWave,or whatever format you want.) You'll fnd this feature very handy in two situations. First, you can use iMovie as a quick-and-dirty piece of sound-recording software (see Chapter 8), and use this feature to export the recording as a sound fle. Second, certain troubleshooting situations, described in Chapter 8 and elsewhere, call for your exporting and reimporting your fnished soundtrack--in essence, temporarily splitting it apart from the video. (You can even edit the soundtrack Figure 12-5: You're about to burrow down through several nested dialog boxes, only the frst two of which are shown here. (See Figure 12-6 for some of the others.) Top: Use the Export pop-up menu when you want to save just your audio track, or when you want to convert your movie into another movie format (like AVI for Windows machines). Most of the time,