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Full Quality DV Video codec: DV Size: 720 x 480 Frame rate: 29.97 per second (for NTSC; 25 for PAL) Audio codec: No compression; stereo, 32 or 48 kHz (depending on source audio) Time to compress one minute of video: 1 minute File size: 411 MB As the numbers (and the example in Figure 12-3) show you, this is the QuickTime for- mat for people whose equipment doesn't mess around. The fle size is massive--much too large for playback from a CD-ROM drive. That's because this setting isn't intended for playback; it's intended to offer you a means of storing your iMovie production without sacrifcing any video quality. The Full Quality DV setting applies no compression at all to your audio or video. Yet preserving your iMovie work as a giant, single DV clip on the hard drive is still a useful exercise. It can save hard drive space, for one thing, since the resulting Quick- Time fle is still far smaller than the collection of DV clips in your project's Media folder from which it was made. After creating a Full Quality DV movie, you could delete the project folder to free up some disk space, confdent that you've got your The Share Presets