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The Share Presets This kind of movie is much more satisfying to watch than the Email type. The image is over twice as big, and the higher frame rate produces smoother motion. Once again, the Sorenson Video codec could provide far better image quality; but at 2.4 MB per minute, the product of the H.263 codec is small enough to download from a Web page without a high-speed Internet connection. Web Streaming In quality and size, this preset is identical to the Web preset described above. The only difference is that this kind of movie comes set up for streaming delivery from the Web, meaning it's played on your audience's screens as it's being sent from the Web. In other words, your viewers don't have to download the entire movie before playing it. Streaming means that your movies can be extremely long, even if they're therefore extremely large fles. Only a tiny bit at a time is sent to your spectators' computers. For details on putting your QuickTime movies on the Web, see Chapter 13. CD-ROM Video codec: H.263 Size: 320 x 240 Frame rate: 15 per second