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Tip: All of the canned export presets preserve the stereo sound present in your original camcorder footage. Unfortunately, most computers don't have stereo speakers. (Only certain Mac models come with built-in stereo speakers.) Meanwhile, saving two independent soundtracks makes your QuickTime fle larger than it would be if it were saved in mono. Therefore, if creating a compact QuickTime Movie fle is important to you, consider using the Expert settings, described later in this chapter, to eliminate the duplicate soundtrack. The Share Presets ·Timetocompressoneminuteofvideo. The "Time to Compress" statistic provided below indicates how long it took a PowerBook G4 to compress a standard sample movie that's exactly one minute long. (Compressing a 10-minute movie, of course, would take about ten times as long.) Of course, the time it will take your movie to get compressed and saved depends on the codec you've chosen, the length of the movie, how much motion is visible on the screen, and your Mac's speed, but the next section offers a rough guide. ·Filesize. The fnal statistic provided for each option shows you how big the resulting QuickTime fle might be (in megabytes). These numbers, too, refer to the sample one-minute DV movie described in the previous paragraph. Email