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Understanding QuickTime (Some codecs take longer than others, however.) ·QuickTimemoviesdon'tlookasgoodastheoriginalDV. Now you know why: In the act of shrinking your movie down to the fle size that's reasonable for emailing, copying to a CD-ROM, and so on, a codec's job is to throw away some of the data that makes a movie look vivid and clear. ·QuickTimeisanexerciseincompromise. By choosing the appropriate codec and changing its settings appropriately, you can create a QuickTime movie with excel- lent picture and sound. Unfortunately, it will consume a lot of disk space. If you want a small fle on the hard drive and excellent picture and sound, you can make the QuickTime movie play in a smaller window--160 x 120 pixels, for example, instead of 320 x 240 or something larger--or at a slower frame rate. The guide in this chapter, some experimentation, and the nature of the movie you're making all contribute to helping you make a codec decision. The Share Presets: What They Mean iMovie offers several ready-to-use QuickTime compression settings that govern the quality, fle size, and playback-window size of the movie you're exporting. Here's a guide to these presets to help you choose the one that's appropriate for your movie-