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Being Unobtrusive Anyone who hires a wedding videographer has already swallowed hard and accepted that there's going to be somebody running around the ceremony with a bunch of FROM THE FIELD Weddings 22 Shots for Your Wedding Video Take it from a wedding-video veteran, Doug Graham of Panda Video Productions: There's a certain set of shots you've got to include if you're the one who's been asked to flm it. Here they are: 1. Bride and bridesmaids dressing. (Keep it G-rated!) 2. Exterior of the church. 3. Wedding party arriving at church. 4. Continuous roll of the ceremony, from prior to bride's entrance to the couple's walk down the aisle at the end. Use two cameras, if you can--place one in the back third of the church. Using the handheld, position yourself on the 16. Garter toss. 17. Guestbook signings. 18. Special dances and ceremonies at the reception. 19. Interviews with guests. 20. Interview with the bride and groom. 21. Footage for use as cutaways: cake, presents, decorations, fower arrangements, the DJ or band. Get a copy of the wed- ding announcement, and souvenirs (such as specially printed napkins), so that you can flm them for closeups later. 22. Guests saying goodbye. Don't shoot: People eating. Backs of heads. People backlit