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Getting into iMovie Note: iMovie can even change the project's format after you've created it, but only if the project is completely empty. Once you've created a clip--even an empty black clip or a Ken Burns photo clip--the format is locked down. Of course, even then, you can delete all the clips and empty the iMovie Trash; at that point, iMovie will once again resize its own window according to the kind of camcorder you plug into it. So why did Apple provide this pop-up menu? Primarily for situations in which you're not going to use a video camera to provide the footage. For example, you might want to use iMovie HD to create a spectacular slideshow from your digital photos in high- defnition, or at least in widescreen. (No, there's no such thing as a Mac that burns high-defnition DVDs. But there will be one day soon. If you create your slideshows in high-def format today, you'll be ready.) In such cases, you'll be happy to have this pop-up menu so that you can choose a format manually. Your choices are: · DV stands for digital video--the usual signal from standard MiniDV camcord- ers. · DV Widescreen is also for MiniDV camcorders, but specifcally the ones that offer a so-called 16:9 shooting mode. That is, these camcorders can flm a widescreen,