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This much video 1 minute 15 minutes 30 minutes 60 minutes 2 hours 4 hours Needs about this much disk space 228 MB 3.5 GB 7 GB 13 GB 28 GB 53 GB Getting into iMovie As you could probably guess, high-defnition footage is even more massive; each minute of it takes between three and four times as much disk space as standard DV footage. Note: That's "between three and four," because there are two primary HDTV standards, known as 720p and 1080i (see page 92). Video shot in 720p consumes slightly under three times the amount of disk space as standard DV (about 9 MB per second, or 34 gigabytes per hour), and 1080i takes up four times as much (14 MB per second, or 52 gigs per hour). When you save and name your project, you're also telling iMovie where to put these enormous, disk-guzzling fles. If, like most people, you have only one hard drive, the one built into your Mac, fne. Make as much empty room as you can, and proceed