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Saving a New Project File > Saving a New Project File - Pg. 90

Getting into iMovie · Discard the last movie you were working on (by trashing it from your hard drive), or move it to a different folder. · Throw away the iMovie Preferences fle (which is where iMovie records which movie you were editing most recently). It bears the uncatchy name iMovie.plist, and it's inside your HomeLibraryPreferences folder. Saving a New Project File If you click Create a New Project (Figure 4-3), you're now asked to select a name and location for the movie you're about to make--or, as iMovie would say, the project you're about to make (Figure 4-4). Figure 4-4: Top: In the Create Project dialog box, you name your new movie and specify where you want to save it. Bottom: You can also tell iMovie what format to expect for the incoming video. In most cases, though, you don't need to bother; iMovie will automatically accom-