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iMovie HD: The Application Apple says that iMovie HD requires a Mac OS X machine (10.3.4 or later) with at least 256 MB of memory; QuickTime 6.5.2 or later; 2 GB of free hard drive space (for all of iLife, or 256 megabytes for just the i-programs), and a screen that can show at least 1024 x 768 pixels. In addition, more memory and a faster processor are always better. (For high-defnition video, you need 512 megs of memory and a 1-gigahertz G4 chip or faster--and that's the bare minimum.) Apple also says that iMovie requires a Mac with FireWire ports, but that part isn't quite true: · You do need a Mac with FireWire ports if you want to transfer footage from your DV camcorder. Most add-on FireWire cards (for Power Macs and PowerBooks) qualify for this requirement. · But if you simply want to edit your movies on your Mac, without involving the camcorder, then almost any Mac OS X­compatible will do. It doesn't have to have FireWire circuitry. This presumes, of course, that you've got some footage to work on. You can edit still pictures or QuickTime movies (Chapter 9) without even involving a camcorder or FireWire. Or you can work with DV clips that you've copied from a Mac that does have FireWire. Transferring this footage from the FireWire Mac to your non-