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Fortunately, if you're going to make your own movie, it doesn't make one bit of difference how your screenplay is formatted. Format it however you like, just so your actors can read it. ·Location. You'll have to fgure out where you're going to shoot each scene--and get permission to shoot there. Does the restaurant owner know, for example, that you'll be bringing in lights and sound equipment? Tip: Instead of traveling to a special location for shooting, you can often save money and hassle by turning your own backyard or living room into a set. Just a few key props and set dressings may be enough to suggest, for example, an offce, jungle, or police station--especially if it's preceded, in your movie, by an establishing shot showing your characters going into such a building. Actual Scripted Films ·Preproduction. Before shooting, make "shopping lists." Go through the script and make lists of which actors are in which scenes, what clothes and props they'll need for those scenes, and so on. Preproduction, the planning phase, is where a production is set up to succeed or fail. You should also make a written list of the shots that you want to get, so that when everyone arrives on the set and all hell breaks loose, you won't forget any critical shots. Lists prevent memory blocks.