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Weddings electronics. Fortunately, your equipment is much smaller than non-DV equipment--a great feature at weddings. Still, you should use as much tact and foresight as possible. Scope out the hall before the ceremony, and speak to the presiding offcial to discuss your plans. Use video lights if you can, but accept that your clients may object to the clutter. And use only battery power, as duct-taping extension cords to the carpeting doesn't always go over well in houses of worship. Tip: If it's your responsibility to flm a wedding or some other important event, take an extra fully charged battery and extra blank tapes. You may think that this is obvious advice, but there's absolutely nothing worse than forgetting it and missing half of the most important day of your client/friend/sister's life. Actual Scripted Films For a steadily growing subset of camcorder owners, this is the Big Kahuna, the raison d'être, the Main Event: making a real movie, complete with dialog, actors, and a plot. Ever since The Blair Witch Project made $140 million--a movie made by recent flm- school grads with a camcorder, no funding, and no Hollywood connections--inde- pendent flms have become a very big deal.