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slides electronically into iMovie, as described in Chapter 9. This method ensures the highest possible quality and saves you a lot of setup hassle. Photos and Old Movies Transferring Old Movies to DV Transferring old movies to the camcorder is another good idea. If these older movies are on videotape, such as VHS cassettes or 8mm videotapes from an older camcorder, you're in good shape. Transferring them onto your DV camcorder is fairly easy, if you have the right equipment (see Chapter 4). Transferring old flm to your camcorder is a more diffcult proposition. Photographic catalogs sell mirror-based gadgets just for this purpose. In essence, this apparatus lets you run the flm projector, which projects the old movie onto a tiny movie screen. Your camcorder simply flms the flm. Unfortunately, the camcorder can pick up quite a bit of grain and picture deterioration in the process. You can also send your old reels out to a commercial transfer shop. Most local photo- developing outfts and camera shops will handle this transaction for you. Weddings Ah, weddings! Everybody loves weddings--especially camcorder manufacturers. Talk