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Sports Caution: The high-speed shutter is effective only in very bright, sunny, outdoor light. If you try to use it indoors, outdoors when it's overcast, or in shadow, all kinds of unpleasant side effects result. You may get fickering and stuttering motion, the autofocus feature may stop working, colors may not look right, and the picture in general will seem too dim. Photos and Old Movies Most people associate video with moving images, but video "slideshows" can be ex- tremely satisfying to watch, especially if you add commentary or music in iMovie, as described in Chapter 8. With a tripod, a music stand, and good lighting, your camcorder is all set to preserve your family photos forever. If the photos were taken with a digital camera, there's nothing to it: Just import them as described in Chapter 9. The challenge is what to do about photos that aren't digital--the old kind, the paper kind, the kind you'll confront if you put together a biographical video about anyone who's more than six years old. Old Photos