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Tip: If the show is really important, consider shooting it twice. At the second performance, position the camera in a different place and shoot different kinds of shots. Later, you can use iMovie to combine the footage from the two performances. By splicing in one camera's shot, then the other--thereby changing camera angles and zoom amounts without missing a beat--you simulate the effect of having two cameras at the same performance. You also have a backup in case you missed a key entrance, joke, or pratfall during the frst performance. Live Stage Performances Speeches What to worry about when flming talks, presentations, and speeches: the sound. Exactly as when flming live stage performances, your camcorder's built-in micro- phone does a lousy job of picking up a speaker more than 10 feet away. To remedy the problem, use a tie-clip microphone on extension cords, get a wireless mike, or run an external microphone to the loudspeakers (if the talk is amplifed) or even directly to the sound system's mixing board. Otherwise, the only other problem you'll encounter is the question-and-answer session, if there is one. In an auditorium situation, not only will you have a terrible time (because there isn't enough time) trying to train the camera on the person asking the question,