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Live Stage Performances knob to adjust the exposure. Turn this knob downward to make the picture darker. After a moment, you'll see the features return to the actors' faces. Be ready to turn that exposure knob the other way on short notice, however. You can expect the stage lights to be full up during the big, full-cast, song-and-dance numbers, but other scenes may be lit dimly for dramatic effect. Such scenes are equally troublesome for camcorders, since turning up the exposure knob can help a lot but may introduce graininess to the picture. There's not much you can do in this situation, because camcorders simply thrive on light. Tip: Whenever you use your camcorder's manual exposure control, be very careful about trusting your LCD monitor for feedback. On most camcorders, this screen has its own brightness control, which, when set to a very bright or very dim setting, can lead you astray as you set your exposure knob. For best results, gauge the effect of your manual exposure fddling by looking only through the eyepiece viewfnder. Figure 3-3: The solution to the bright-face syn- drome in shows (left) is to turn