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GlideCam and Steadicam JR You might also consider buying or renting a special camera mount called GlideCam, a padded brace that keeps the camera steady (about $170, Figure 2-10), or even a Steadicam JR (about $550), a scaled-down version of the popular Hollywood tracking device. Both devices incorporate variations of a gimbal (a universal ball joint) that intercepts jerks and twists before they can reach the camera; they also distribute the camcorder's center of gravity to keep it even steadier. As a result, the camera stays level and stable even while you're running in a crowd, up and down stairs, and so on. These ideas may sound extreme, but you'd be surprised at how effective they are. Sud- denly you have access to one of Hollywood flmmakers' favorite tricks. Sure you'll feel silly riding through the neighborhood in your kid's Radio Flyer wagon--but how do you think professional camera operators feel riding along on their little choo-choos? Video Composition: A Crash Course