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Dolly Shots > Dolly Shots - Pg. 64

Video Composition: A Crash Course works like gangbusters--not only is it a very exciting shot to watch, but it also puts the viewer directly into the action. Note: A dolly shot that moves forward isn't the same as simply zooming in. As a quick experiment will show you, the visual result is completely different. When you zoom, the camera enlarges everything in the picture equally, both foreground and background. When you move forward through space, on the other hand, the distant background remains the same size; only the subject in the foreground gets bigger, which is a much more realistic result. Your viewers are more likely to feel as though they're part of the action and actually in the scene if you dolly forward instead of just zooming. As a camcorder owner hoping to flm, for example, your daughter's feld hockey championship, you may fnd that this business of laying down train tracks on the feld isn't always well received by the other parents. But don't let the expense and dirty looks stop you. When it counts, you can improvise. You can lean out of a car window or sunroof, holding the camcorder as steady as you can, as a relative drives slowly alongside the action. You can flm while riding a bicycle. You can persuade a family member to drag you along in an actual Radio Flyer­style wagon in the name of getting more interesting, more professional footage.